Keramika – energiškai efektyviems A, A+ ir A++ klasės namams!



Company code: 304178964
VAT code LT100010390818
Address: Pamario str. 1, LT-52265 Kaunas
Hours: 8:00 to 16:45 I to V.

Sales department


Sales Head Kristina Kavaliauskienė
 Mob. tel.: +370 ,640 53835, el. p. – 
Production sales manager – Vanda Bajorinienė
Tel.: (8 37) 373563, Mob. tel.: +37068216980,
Tel.: (8 37) 373553, el. p.:
Foreign contacts:
Business development manager – Romas Mižutavičius
Mob: 370 645 36208, el.p.:


References about our production

1.Residential houses, „Šilo namai” is built from AB “Palemono keramika”, clay bricks. It is an excellent building material for warm and strong house.

„YIT Kausta“

2.We meet an operational AB “Palemono keramika”, deliveries, flexible payment terms and tidy technical documentation.

UAB “Luksta“ director – Viktoras Balsys

3.I appreciate the fact that of AB “Palemono keramika” sells clay, rather than the air. The blocks are thick and sturdy outer and inner walls of the product, so I’m getting excellent microclimate inside the house in winter and summer due to the excellent properties of clay accumulation.

Individual builder – Juozas Pakalnis (Kaunas)

4.We all know that ceramic is the best choice for individual house construction in view of the thermal performance, strength and durability. I choose no other material.

Individual builder – Henrikas Stankus (Kaunas )

5.In my opinion best of AB “Palemono keramika” blocks properties is relatively small tuštumėtumas, it enables the mortar as well as product lock / recess that allows the grout to seal the seam not only horizontally but also vertically, resulting in a wall is becoming stronger, and prevent the transmission of cold air.

UAB“Trimatas“ director – Artūras Juršė

6.We work with the AB “Palemono keramika”, production for many years. We have no complaints. If needed, the company staff promptly solve the problems.

UAB“Roner group“ director – Šarūnas Petrauskas